About the Martin and Osa Johnson Safari Museum

Chanute DepotHave you experienced sailing in a small boat across the Pacific with adventure author Jack London or photographing lions on safari with George Eastman in Africa or escaping the pursuit of hostile South Seas natives or climbing a snow-capped Mt. Kenya on the equator or flying over dangerous uncharted territory in Borneo?

You can experience these things and more through the lives of Martin and Osa Johnson. Documentary filmmakers, photographers, explorers, naturalists, and authors, the Johnsons traveled the world from 1917 to 1936 when few Americans ventured beyond our shores. They captured the public’s imagination with their films and books of adventure in distant exotic lands.

Ranked the Number 1 Museum in Kansas, the Martin and Osa Johnson Safari Museum features award-winning exhibits of the Johnsons’ lives and adventures, African cultures, and changing themes of special exhibits. The museum offers visitors educational programs throughout the year for children and adults. Regular showing of Johnson films and a large research library are also available. A museum shop, Osa’s Ark, is part of the museum and offers unusual and one-of-a-kind gifts and souvenirs.



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