The main fundraising exhibition in our store currently includes original maps dating from 1561 to 1953 are for sale as a part of two fundraising exhibitions entitled “Around the World in Eighty Maps” and “The Occidental Tourist.”  The maps were salvaged from damaged atlases, archivally matted, and they are on loan from Lloyd Zimmer, Books and Maps of Topeka, Kansas.   One half of the sale price will be donated to the museum for collection development.  You may also purchase any of these maps to donate to the museum for one half of the listed price.  When you do so, the donation is made in your name (or in someone else’s if you wish to make it a memorial or a gift).  The value of the donated map remains the actual listed price and this is the value which you can use for the donated item on your tax returns.

We have over 100 more maps available and are adding them online as time allows.  If you are interested in these or you wish to learn more about what other maps are available, please call 620-431-2730 to ask a Safari Staffer.