Safari Travelogues & HistoryLogs

Safari Travelogues & HistoryLogs

Each month the museum hosts speakers and programs that highlight amazing travel locales and historic points of interest.
These programs are FREE to the public, and are typically held at the Safari Museum in our 2nd floor Johnson Gallery.

The Spring 2017 Series includes:

Thursday March 30th at 6:45pm:  “Will the Real King Arthur Stand Up?” presented by Tim Cunningham.  Learn whether Arthur was a real man or the greatest myth of the medieval age.

Tuesday April 11 at 6:00pm: The Orphan Train by Phil Lancaster.  The museum is pleased to provide a venue for this Chanute Public Library sponsored event.  The Safari Museum and the Chanute Public Library today share the 1901 historic Santa Fe Depot that was the site of two Orphan Train stops.

Sat. April 29th: Octave Chanute: Father of Aviation.  Historic Interpreter Bill Nicks will be at the museum as part of the annual city-wide event Safari Family Fun Day.  Mr. Nicks will speak as Octave Chanute at 11am behind the depot the original Chanute designed in 1901!


Sat. May 13th: Around the World on a String, a Musical Film Travelogue by Stan Walsh at 11am.  “Music makes the world go round” says Bob DeLoss & Stan Walsh about their new film, Around the World on a String. It’s an all new innovative, unconventional armchair travel adventure film produced to satisfy the musical wanderlust of all travelers. It’s haunting sounds of a bamboo harp – the joyful sound of America’s instrument – the banjo, audio pictures blended with scenic panoramas and a back-story commentary, about the location & the talented people that brought us there in the first place. The repertoire includes Sousa on the Bandstand — Japanese Taiko Drums — Appalachian Guitars — Philippine Bamboo Symphony — Russian Balalaika — & don’t forget Player Pianos — Edison’s Disc Phonograph — & other intriguing examples of man’s desire to make music.

This toe-tapping travel adventure feature film showcases America’s own instrument, the banjo, plus exotic world instruments & will be presented by Safari Museum Honorary Trustee Stan Walsh. Stan, a documentary film producer, engineer, & director, has traveled the world including time with the U.S. Air Force. While attending the University of Southern California, he moonlighted as a projectionist for the globetrotting Burton Holmes & Lowell Thomas. He graduated as an engineer & moved to Italy for work & to get his feet wet as a film producer. Today his camera is always ready to document the story on an ancient tribe or to add a touch of human interest to traditional travel destinations. His films include Italian Lake Adventure, Steamboating Alaskan Waters, Corsica & the Riviera, Italy’s Fabled Islands, & America from Sea to Shining Sea. Stan has presented programs at the National Geographic Society; Town Hall, New York; Washington University, St Lewis and other prestigious venues nationwide……including the Safari Museum, Chanute KS! Here is Stan on one of his Sunflower State visits to see Martin & Osa Johnson…and museum director Conrad Froehlich!


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