The feature independent documentary THE ARK OF LIGHTS AND SHADOWS by director Jan Svatoš will present the work and legacy of the outstanding American filmmakers, writers and adventurers, Martin and Osa Johnson, for the first time and in a new perspective.

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Long before Joy Adamson wrote the book about Elsa the lioness, before the first African National park was ever founded an incredible story had taken place …
The documentary THE ARK OF LIGHTS AND SHADOWS will reawaken not only the remarkable life story and work of both adventurers, but also their modern ideas, which are so in tune with the contemporary concepts of humanism and environmental protection.

With this film, Jan Svatoš follows up not only on his triple awarded directorial debut Africa Obscura (2011), whose success received coverage in both European and US media, but also continues work and treatment on a number of the projects he realized in collaboration with the American Embassy in Prague.

The Engish website with more information can be found HERE!

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The Latest in Johnsonian Biographies

Across the World with the Johnsons: Visual Culture and American Empire in the Twentieth Century Prue Ahrens, Lamont Lindstrom and Fiona Paisley Ashgate, November 2013. Brockey During the interwar period Osa and Martin Johnson became famous for their films that brought exotic and far-off locations to the American cinema. Before the advent of mass tourism and television, their films played a major part in providing the means by which large audiences in the US and beyond became familiar with distant and ‘wild’ places across the world. Taking the celebrity of the Johnsons as its case study, this book investigates the influence of these new forms of visual culture, showing how they created their own version of America’s imperial drama. By representing themselves as benevolent figures engaged in preserving on film the world’s last wild places and peoples, the Johnsons’ films educated U.S. audiences about their apparent destiny to rule, contributing significantly to the popularity of empire. Bringing together research in the fields of film and politics – including gender and empire, historical anthropology, photography and visual studies – this book provides a comprehensive evaluation of the Johnsons, their work and its impact. It considers the Johnsons as a celebrity duo, their status as national icons, how they promoted themselves and their expeditions, and how their careers informed American expansionism, thus providing the first scholarly investigation of this remarkable couple and their extensive output over nearly three decades and across several continents.