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    THE ARK OF LIGHTS AND SHADOWS: A documentary of Martin & Osa Johnson

THE ARK OF LIGHTS AND SHADOWS: A documentary of Martin & Osa Johnson

The feature independent documentary THE ARK OF LIGHTS AND SHADOWS by director Jan Svatoš will present the work and legacy of the outstanding American filmmakers, writers and adventurers, Martin and Osa Johnson, for the first time and in a new perspective.

Long before Joy Adamson wrote the book about Elsa the lioness, before the first African National park was ever founded an incredible story had taken place …
The documentary THE ARK OF LIGHTS AND SHADOWS will reawaken not only the remarkable life story and work of both adventurers, but also their modern ideas, which are so in tune with the contemporary concepts of humanism and environmental protection.

With this film, Jan Svatoš follows up not only on his triple awarded directorial debut Africa Obscura (2011), whose success received coverage in both European and US media, but also continues work and treatment on a number of the projects he realized in collaboration with the American Embassy in Prague.

The Engish website with more information can be found HERE!

Click HERE to see the amazing official teaser trailer for The Ark of Lights and Shadows!


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Safari Trip Drawing Update: And the Winner is…

And the Safari Trip Winner is…Mr. Teddy Pruitt! Teddy, who owns a flying service crop dusting in rural Arkansas, discovered Martin & Osa years ago when he flew into SEKansas on business. He was enthralled by their adventures, immediately became an ardent fan, bought all their books & also became a museum member. We’re thrilled to have a new, but oh so devoted fan of Martin & Osa win this chance! Teddy is taking a week to share the news with his Osa and decide whether to take the trip or take the cash out option & plan their own itinerary. We’ll have updates as soon as possible. Since we don’t have a photo of Teddy Pruitt to share yet, we’ll use the “Teddy” we have lots of photos of until we do! On behalf of the museum staff and board we would like to thank everyone who entered; we’re sorry everyone can’t go, but your donation will truly make a difference by supporting our educational services!

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Safari Speakers Travelogue Series

Once a month we host speakers from far and near to discuss their travels FAR away!


Safari Travelogue, Tuesday March 24th
Mongolia:  Talk will be presented by Adam Erickson





Safari Travelogue, Thursday April 23th
India: Talk will be presented by Marilyn Farmer



Doors open in the Safari Museum at 6:45pm with all Safari Travelogue programs scheduled to start at 7.   Light refreshments will be provided and every Travelogue is free to the public.  Please call (620) 431-2730 for directions, questions or more information on this or any Safari Museum-related program.

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Sister Museums Around the Globe!

The Safari Museum has had the pleasure of working with wonderful “sister” museums in Africa and Malaysia on joint projects.  This summer is the tenth anniversary of our partnership with the Sabah Museum in Kota Kinabalu and we’ll be highlighting joint activities and projects of our staff and volunteers on both sides of the globe!

This is the most recent news article about our ongoing effort to find early footage taken by Martin and Osa in North Borneo and find a way  to make it available to throughout the state of Sabah!



This fall will be the 15th anniversary of our initial partnership with the Manega Museum in Burkina Faso and we’ll be highlighting our partnership with them starting in October!




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Visitor & Museum Supporters Comments

We’re always thrilled to get feedback from our Visitors!  Checkout our Facebook Page here and yours might be the next featured comment!
Post by Martin and Osa Johnson Safari Museum.

Dr. Scott Coates and lance Burton, aka “Team Safari Museum” at Dirty Kanza Bike Competition, May 31st.

From Dr. Coates:It is an honor to represent The Safari Museum.  The shirt design was fantastic.  Maybe we’ll see more  of it in the future.  As I passed one rider, he said “Safari…..I didn’t know Chanute had big game?”. To which I replied ” just take a picture of the qr code, you’ll see”.  I also felt the event perfectly fit the spirit of Osa, Martin and Lizzie…..I even had to fix a flat along the way. Thanks again.

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Post by Brooks Goddard.



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Partnerships & Projects

The museum is pleased to partner with a number of individuals and organizations on very diverse research and conservation projects. This space is where we will highlight and update some of these past, present and future projects.

Safaritalk is a forum where they have been talking Safaris and wildlife conservation since 2006. Conservation issues, photography, trip planning, professional interviews, green shopping options…the resources available on this site are added to daily. As a guest you’re welcome to read through certain areas of the forum, but to access all the facilities and to contribute your experience, ask questions and get involved, you’ll need to be a member – so register here: it’s quick, FREE, easy and founder Matthew Wilkinson will look forward to having you as a Safaritalker soon!

Matt has previously interviewed Safari Museum curator Jacquelyn Borgeson (read the interview here) and he’s written up some very educational articles about Martin and Osa Johnson’s works in Africa, which you can read here.

We were thrilled when Matt recently premiered a new digital Safaritalk magazine and we hope our members will sign up to read it and all the other extraordinary discussions and projects found on http://safaritalk.net/. Please check both the forum and the magazine out online and tell everyone you know there’s a spot on the web that can really help make a difference if enough people actually read and get engaged in the many topics Safaritalk routinely shares with it’s followers!

Matt is also planning a luncheon for UK-based Safaritalk members and will have Cathy Dean, director of Save the Rhino International, as the Special Guest. It will be open to the public, and we’ll post where and when details as we get them. Someday we hope […]

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